START (Structural Alerts for Reactivity in Toxtree) biodegradation and persistence plug-in is based on a compilation of structural alerts for environmental persistence and biodegradability. These structural alerts are molecular functional groups or substructures that are known to be linked to the environmental persistence or biodegradability of chemicals. The rulebase utilizes the structural alerts in logical decision trees. If one or more the structural alerts embedded in the molecular structure of the chemical are recognized, the system flags the potential persistence or biodegradability of the chemical.

Available since ToxTree 1.60

Developed by Molecular Networks GmbH (Erlangen, Germany) for JRC

Screenshots: Main screen , Decision tree


The plugin is distributed with the main ToxTree release starting with Toxtree 1.60

For Toxtree 1.51 download the plugin and copy it into the ext folder.


START, 2008
Installation and user manual

For developers

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Version: 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2017-09-27.