Cramer rules (Cramer G. M., R. A. Ford, R. L. Hall, Estimation of Toxic Hazard - A Decision Tree Approach, J. Cosmet. Toxicol., Vol.16, pp. 255-276, Pergamon Press, 1978);

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Applicability of Cramer rules Toxtree module

The Toxtree implementation of the Cramer scheme can, in principle, be applied to organic molecules, organic salts and organometallics, and structurally well-defined oligomers and polymers.

With regards to oligomers and polymers: Despite there is no technical limitation in Toxtree in running oligomers and polymers (assuming their structures are well defined), these substances are generally considered out of scope of the Cramer scheme since they were not present in the dataset from which the scheme was derived [Cramer, 1978], with the exception of substances containing a polyoxyethylene [(- OCH2CH2-)x, with x no greater than 4] chain (cf. questions 20 and 32).


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